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VehiclePassport creates a digital identity for any vehicle that can be used to track service history, transactions, and events. Owners need no longer depend on the often incomplete service histories provided by previous owners or third parties.

The app stores everything from transactions to  sales deed, title, insurance, proof of ownership and receipts. Consumers can even order replacement parts for their vehicle using Auton tokens.


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For Dealers, Manufacturers and Distributors

Auton Tokens

The app rewards users with AutOn tokens, which can be used for purchasing products within the network, saved as a store-of-value, even gifted or exchanged.

AutOn empowers businesses and customers to engage with one another in a transparent and trustworthy manner from the first time they purchase their vehicle through its maintenance lifecycle. AutOn tokens are purchasable by shops, chains, distributors, and manufacturers and used to reward loyal customers who exhibit positive vehicle health maintenance behavior. Tokenized data means diminished friction between participants and real-time engagement between customers, workers, dealers and vehicles.

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Next Generation Rewards

Dealerships & Service Centers

Reward vehicle owners with AutOn for services performed at their facility as well as maintaining the health of their vehicle according to the manufacturers service recommendations.

Consumers & Vehicle Owners

Get rewarded with AutOn tokens issued at by mile or at regular service intervals. AutOn tokens can be used to purchase licensed OEM repair information for vehicles, order parts, and to diagnose DTC issues.

Parts Manufacturers & Distributors

Vehicle demand is made transparent to an automotive network comprised of manufacturers, distributors and repair centers – providing tremendous efficiencies and cost savings for the automotive supply chain.