John’s Auto

“To anyone looking to purchase an automotive shop management program, I would definitely recommend SHIFTMobility.

After deciding to rid my shop of Invomax, I sampled quite a few different shop programs while searching for a replacement. Some were just horrible, while others simply too expensive. Then, I came across ShopLite on the WORLDPAC website. I like ShopLite because it’s cloud-based, meaning I can access it from anywhere, and has license plate-to-vin capability; all I have to do is enter the plate number and state to retrieve detailed vehicle information.

Although I had used another shop solution for over fifteen years, ShopLite’s learning curve was small. While I currently use the basic version, SHIFTMobility offers a variety of different packages to suit shops of any size. Furthermore, SHIFTMobility’s tech support is friendly and always enthusiastic to help.

As a shop owner, I know firsthand how hectic things can get during the work day. Trying to juggle repair jobs while simultaneously learning a new shop management program can be daunting, but SHIFTMobility’s excellent tech tech support is just a phone call away – they always answer and are always friendly. Furthermore, they include in-depth online tutorials for all of their products free of charge.

The beautiful part about ShopLite is that you can access it anywhere in the world. I sometimes take care of billing from home, which then syncs up in real-time to the computer in my shop. Since I switched to ShopLite my profit margin has increased by at least 10%. It’s a great program with terrific tech support. Let’s be honest, any solution is only as good as its tech support – and SHIFTMobility’s tech support is excellent. All in all, it’s great solution that benefits from constant improvements.”

John Zeraffa, Owner, John’s Auto