EFI Powerhouse

EFI Powerhouse, a premier Bay Area performance shop located in San Jose, is the culmination of owner Richard’s lifelong passion for cars. From the very first vehicle he ever worked on, an ’89 5.0 Mustang, to the opening of his own shop in 2014, Richard lives and breathes fast cars. As his business began to grow, Richard quickly realized that he needed an all-in-one shop platform to help manage his expanding customer base and workload. With his needs clear, Richard chose ShopLite™ Premium to take his business to the next level. Now, Richard and his team can quickly get repair estimates, labor times, and stay connected to customers who have grown accustomed to instant-updates and fast turnaround.

“ShopLite has made my business more professional, with detailed estimates, work orders, and fast invoicing. And, with the included labor times, I know I’m never shortchanging myself when it comes to work performed,” says Richard.“The next step for me is to start using the built-in parts ordering and marketing tools. I would definitely recommend ShopLite to other shops.”