A Mobile Network for Your Brand

Go mobile. Reach your customers wherever they are with a personalized app showcasing your brand and your products for instant purchase.


With the proliferation of smart devices and e-commerce, going mobile is no longer recommended, it’s required. To reach today’s target markets and buyers, automotive companies must deploy their own mobile applications – either through extensions to an existing application or by creating a new one. SHIFTMobility’s Private Label as a Service (PLaaS) delivers advanced capabilities tailored to fit your business needs in an app made just for you. Built and managed in less than 30 days, your standard compliant application will comprise of innovative automotive modules, business processes, private cloud environment, user and subscription management, mobile payment processing, iTunes and Android Marketplace store listing, and maintenance – no IT department required.

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Available Modules

Customer Engagement - For Repair Shops

  • Engage customers with instant quotes and recommendations
  • Publish targeted deals based on maintenance needs
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Paperless service history
  • Alerts, reminder and appointments – so customers can plan around their busy schedules

Mobile Commerce - For Distributors

  • Sell anything – including custom kits and packages
  • Mobilize your sales team to take on spot orders at every sales visit
  • Locate the right parts faster and reduce returns
  • Get demand insight based on services performed to more efficiently manage your inventory

Endless Possibilities - For Manufacturers

  • All-in-One Platform brings your ideas to life Available application themes:
  • Catalog: mobile optimized catalogs with suggested pricing
  • Instructional: video instructions for part replacement procedures
  • Commerce: B2B or B2C
  • Service: guides
  • Vehicle Information: vehicle data & demographics
  • Analytics: actionable Business Intelligence
  • Certification: certify users of your products