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SHIFTMobility streamlines how cars are sold and services rendered with automated digital documents and completely contactless customer engagement – all backed by our future-proof blockchain platform.

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Given how much of the car buying experience already occurs online, combined with the public’s comfort with virtual purchasing, the move to a completely digital environment is a natural progression and here to stay.

SHIFTMobility enables automotive dealerships to directly engage customers with the cars and services they need at any given mile – from the time of vehicle purchase through its maintenance lifecycle and beyond.

Why Blockchain?

Online Marketplace

An omni-channel marketplace for new and used cars, accessories, OEM parts, services and more. Customers can browse vehicles for sale, select options, accessories and finalize the purchase online for a truly contactless experience.

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Robust Know-Your-Customer

Forget e-documents – video signing is easier, faster, and enables users to discuss and negotiate contract terms with the issuer in real-time.

With the VideoSign app users can search for new vehicles from an extensive dealership network, initiate a direct video call, and sign the documents necessary to complete their automotive purchase from wherever they are.

All documents completed with the VideoSign app are legally binding, time stamped, and secured by blockchain.

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Digital Documents

Quickly scan automotive documents, secure them with blockchain, and share with enterprise applications, businesses, or financial institutions – whether standing next to the car, in the office, or out on the road.


  • Digital identity of assets
  • Record keeping
  • Verification
  • Cataloging
  • Encryption
  • Access rights
  • Sync and Sharing
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