Contactless from website to delivery

OEM Dealership solutions

Contactless from website to delivery!

SHIFTMobility streamlines how cars are sold and services rendered with automated digital documents and completely contactless customer engagement – all backed by our future-proof blockchain platform.

Our end-to-end highly secure auto retailing and service aggregation platform brings together OEMs, Dealers, Customers, and supply chain entities to digitally transform the user experience of purchasing and selling vehicles, parts, services and accessories.

All transactions are captured on an Information Highway backed by the SHIFTMobility Automotive Blockchain Platform

Solution Features

Twenty year ago, dealerships realized they needed a website to compete. Today, they need to bring it full circle with a connected digital platform.

Unique Benefits

Consumer App

Online Marketplace

Command Dashboard

Robust KYC

Digital Rewards

Block chain Platform

Digital Transformation

Digital Document

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