Advancing Automotive Standards

CarSpeck provides a unified view of vehicle and part databases and related automotive standards, along with information and data relationship model views, essential to the exchange of electronic catalogs for mobile commerce.

SHIFTMobility CarSpeck Features

Quick Access to Automotive Standards

Delivering quick and intuitive access to a single unified standards database comprising of vehicle configurations, terminology, brands, and products, catalog owners gain deep visibility into complete, predictable and accurate information, making the marketing and locating of products that much easier. CarSpeck includes a comprehensive framework for users to view standards schemas, entity-relationship graphs, and E-R models to research and build new automotive applications as well as leverage the standards for catalog processing and content management.

Application Design

Architect new data models and specifications leveraging industry standards with capabilities to edit, delete and maintain existing data sets, relationships, and scope changes. Users can view code systems as well as reference data and identifiers for vehicles and parts to model and design novel automotive applications.

Test and Certification

Review ACES and PIES XML files in conformance to the latest automotive and catalog specifications. Instant access to vehicle specifications includes identifiers and data for all systems and sub-systems used as lookup tables by ACES and PIES standards.

Solution Development

CarSpeck provides subscribers of automotive standards with up-to-date vehicle and parts classifications to accelerate solution development. Users can export databases including one or more data sets for application development.

Instant Synchronization

CarSpeck offers instant updates to automotive standards as new versions become available, with capabilities for real time database synchronizations.

VroomBox Application Suite

CarSpeck comes packaged in the VroomBox application suite, but is also available as a stand-alone app.