Learning Reimagined

As vehicle technology continues to evolve, so too must the knowledge and skills of the technicians who work on them. CareXpert enables educational institutions and students to quickly and easily transition into the virtual classroom.



  • Quickly create and administer custom tests


  • Prepare students for certification with comprehensive study guides


  • Evaluate student knowledge with in-depth reporting

Virtual Learning

  • Self paced – anytime, anywhere

Integrated Automotive Dictionary

  • 20,000+ automotive terms

Databank includes:

  • Advanced engine performance specialist Automatic transmission/transaxle Automobile parts specialist Automobile service consultant Brakes Damage analysis & estimating Electrical /electronic systems Electrical/electronic systems installation & repair Engine performance Engine repair Exhaust system Heating and air conditioning Light vehicle diesel engines Manual drivetrain and axles Mechanical & electrical components Non-structural analysis and damage repair Painting and refinishing Structural analysis and damage repair Suspension and steering and more

One Stop Auto Parts Shop

As the automotive industry rushes to adopt the newest technological innovations, technicians already have a potentially limitless direct marketing channel right in their pocket: the smartphone. AutoParts can get your products directly into the hands of installers and techs – this is no simple catalog app, it’s a mobile commerce accelerator. SHIFTMobility’s robust cloud infrastructure is highly available, secure, and scalable – enabling your business to reach your customers wherever they are. Protect your brand, build lasting relationships with installers, leverage direct marketing at the speed of now, and strengthen relationships with your distribution channel.

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