CarCheck Pro

Smart vehicle inspections


Digital inspections on a secure, immutable, transferable blockchain
Quickly retrieve vehicle information via VIN scanner or license plate lookup
Breeze through one of 40+ canned inspections
Alternatively, build your own custom forms easily
Include detailed pictures and notes to better illustrate necessary services
Share completed reports instantly via email or SMS


Inspect, diagnose, and build customer trust
Inspections blockchain makes it easy to share and transfer data
Proactive approach to maintenance recommendations
Boost Service Writer and Technician productivity
Never miss a revenue opportunity again
Use transparency to retain and attract customers
Engage with customers wherever they are
Seamlessly integrated with
ShopLite SMS and RepairBuddy
Can bolt on to any leading SMS through open APIs

Additional Value

Easy to use – select vehicle, complete inspection sheet and send
Workflow can be initiated on one device and completed on another
Easily convert your paper inspection sheets to compelling digital forms
Go completely paperless and save money/time
Supports MAP standards

Smarter Vehicle Inspections

For auto repair customers, seeing is believing – and in our mobile world nothing is more powerful than a dynamic vehicle inspection report delivered right to their smartphone.

Easily create professional digital inspection sheets to better recommend services and keep your customers informed, whether you’re standing next to the car, in the back office, or out on the road.

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