23 October, 2020

The Road Forward – Post-COVID and the Digital Platform Ecosystem

“To survive the crisis and emerge even stronger, aftermarket players must adapt to the next normal with dramatic changes, including those that consider the industry’s…

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6 July, 2020

The Power of Convenience Necessitates an Evolved Dealership Dynamic

Once regarded as convenient alternatives to car ownership for city-dwellers, public transportation and shared-mobility services have since lost their luster in the age of social…

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1 February, 2020

Course Correction: Innovations in Connectivity are Redefining the Automotive Industry

After decades of rinse-and-repeat product launches and predictable consumer demand, the Automotive Industry is poised for a significant course correction. The rise of electrification and…

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3 January, 2020

Artificial Intelligence for Automotive Service

“The future is already being automated, and it’s enabled by AI” Uber, whose AI is so central to its business model that employees “…don’t even…

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31 December, 2019

Every Automotive Business Must Now Be a Tech Company Too

With retail stalwart Macy’s announcing significant store closures across the United States, it’s clear that the reign of the brick and mortar kings has long…

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