12 February, 2021

Will 2021 Be the Automotive Industry’s Renaissance?

2020 was a tough year for the automotive industry. Already mired by years of tech-adoption flux and now down 14.5% overall, businesses throughout its ecosystem…

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18 January, 2021

Safe at Any Speed – Connected Cars, Cybersecurity and Blockchain

Whether by key or once ubiquitous (and extremely annoying) Viper aftermarket alarm, securing your vehicle and its contents is just common sense. Fast-forward to 2021…

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15 January, 2021

Rewriting the Auto Industry’s Future with Digital Platforms

With San Francisco’s annual International Auto Show shelved due to pandemic concerns, a very public illustration of private industry concerns was laid bare to everyday…

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8 January, 2021

Meet Your New Co-Pilot: The Advertisement

For the nostalgic among us, cruising down Route 66 evokes memories of old, with vintage signage dotting the horizon and interesting novelties of a bygone…

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6 January, 2021

Predicting Automotive Parts Failures with Blockchain – From Needle in Haystack to Hidden Opportunity

The automobile of today has between 20 to 150 microprocessors along with a network of sophisticated sensors that monitor the external environment. These devices control…

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