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8 December, 2019

Dealerships Must Streamline the Mundane with Technology

Your customer has finally found the car of their dreams and you’re busy trying to close the deal – the only thing standing in your way is the final push and mounds of paperwork. Anyone who has purchased a vehicle knows that dealerships are not wanting for forms. From lease agreements to warranty documents, buyer’s guides, titles, and more, the stacks are inescapable. Despite the obvious paper and ink costs, this part of the sale process is tedious and brings what should be a quick sale to a crawl. While not all dealership forms can go paperless, the ones that can save your business serious headache.

A typical dealership incurs an average annual paperwork cost of $24,000 to 60,000, sometimes more. However, advances in technology mean that forms that in the past had to be printed can now be delivered electronically; streamlining daily tasks so dealerships can sell, not deal with seemingly endless forms. The advantages of going mobile transcend signatures and approvals – keeping dealerships organized is the key to driving sales and profitability.

Mobile-powered dealerships deliver ultimate simplicity. Should a dealer require access to information regarding a vehicle sale, all they must do is search by name or license plate. SHIFTMobility’s Vehicle Passport application gives traditional dealership paperwork a 21st century makeover. Everything from vehicle sales forms to insurance, inspections, parts, and service history gain a unique identifier stored in the blockchain. When all this data is combined in a singular thread, dealerships and owners will be able to share preferences, records, and needs quickly and securely – providing a consistent experience throughout the sales process and beyond.

Mobile is cost efficient, practical, and stored information eternal. With the right solution, dealerships can streamline mundane daily tasks. Plus, by delivering everything employees need at their fingertips, dealers aren’t only saving sanity but time and their bottom line. Digital information never gets lost or deteriorates as it would with a paper copy – chock up another win for going paperless.

Electronic forms also make it easy to adapt to ever changing compliance guidelines, and by digitally tracking vehicle titles and financial paperwork dealerships can prevent delays and ensure they’re ready for the eventual audit. By leveraging modern and professional sales forms and processes, dealerships can boost customer confidence and turn showroom visits from a chore to a satisfying experience.

By leveraging technology to drive personalized experiences, whether at the dealership or out on the road, SHIFTMobility streamlines the burdensome paperwork processes to get customers into their new car quickly and out the door. Doesn’t it seem alien that an industry that modernized a century ago is dependent on practices of the past? It’s time to stop playing catch up.

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