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30 November, 2019

Auto Dealers can Deliver a VIP Experience with RFID Tracking

“There remains a distinctive gap in what dealers are currently offering and what car shoppers want when it comes to the realities of digital retailing,” said Jenn Reid, vice president, Strategy and Marketing leader, automotive, Equifax. “Clearly, there is a lot of room for improvement in speeding up the transaction process and offering a complete online transaction solution. It is also clear that dealers continue to need reliable solutions that help speed up the process with credit qualifications and fraud prevention, which continue to impact CSI scores and online reviews, and put dealer margins at risk each month.”

With the rise of online vehicle marketplaces as the gateway to new car purchases, traditional dealerships require their own unique tools to tackle the increasingly agile competition. Lexus pioneered the customer-first approach within the dealership sphere by focusing not only on selling superior vehicles, but on providing customers with an experience like none other – turning a brand once lacking prestige into the gold standard of the industry. Greeting a customer by name and knowing exactly what services they require is a good, but delivering this elevated level of service digitally is even better.

A dealerships service department is its lifeblood, being tasked with not only completing submitted work orders but also driving customer retention and sales; and customers increasingly expect personalized experiences and timely updates via their smartphone. SHIFTMobility’s Dealership Suite, with RFID asset tracking technology, delivers superior asset identification so dealerships know where their stock and their customer’s vehicles are at any given moment. For Sales Departments, the application suite further simplifies lot management by tracking cars entering and leaving to protect against theft and unauthorized use. As vehicle stock ebbs and flows, chains that deploy Vehicle Passport gain the means to reduce errors, discrepancies, and product loss.

“… 76% of dealers are forced to handle between one to three fraudulent transactions each month. Another 19% estimated they handle between three and five transactions each month. “Fraud comes in many forms within an automotive transaction and remains a significant concern for many dealers, illustrating the deep need for advanced digital technologies that today offer instant verification of identity, residence, and other forms of alternative data. These sophisticated technologies can reduce the threat of fraud while also improving the overall customer experience for shoppers.”

Whether dealing with endless paperwork in the Finance Department or waiting for repairs to be completed at the service desk, dealership wait times are a common source of jest. With Vehicle Passport, service advisors no longer need run into the service bay to determine the status of a customer’s vehicle – all the information they need is at their fingertips. But the benefits do not end there. The app suite streamlines workflows throughout the dealership by connecting all internal processes to deliver real-time intelligence and visibility into every department of the organization. When dealerships are mobile-enabled, everything moves faster.

Furthermore, enhanced interconnectivity enables technicians to focus on their tasks while simultaneously allowing the sales staff to glide through wins by quickly locating the ideal vehicle for their customers. From trade-in to service, every customer interaction is a potential win. And with the internet, word-of-mouth has been given a megaphone; speed, mobility, and customer satisfaction are directly related. With a process spanning from the front desk to the technician, parts, and back, dealership organizations gain the tools necessary to drive customer footfall, retention, and sales.

Deployed in high-volume dealerships throughout the United States and beyond, SHIFTMobility’s Vehicle Passport enables sellers to understand lot inventory at-a-glance, tailor their vehicle mix for local preferences, and adapt in real-time to campaign-driven price changes and incentives. Our solution draws a straight line from customers to the cars, services, and parts they need at any given mile by delivering omni-channel engagement from initial purchase to financing, insurance, service visits, condition, history, and more. As online car shopping continues to transform into the gateway to new car purchases, it’s never been more imperative for dealerships to own the customer experience from the web to the store, purchase, and beyond. Contact us today to learn how Vehicle Passport can transform your automotive dealership from inventory headache to a streamlined machine.

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