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26 November, 2019

Convergence of Connected Vehicle Technology will Empower Repair Shops

According to a recent report by the Auto Care Association, there are currently 286.8 million registered motor vehicles in the United States alone. And, despite the increasing sophistication of new cars or their modes of propulsion, repair services will always be needed and trusted mechanics always in demand. Soon, drivers will be connected to all manner of retailers and businesses based on their immediate location for the purchase of goods, services, music, and much more directly from their dashboards.

Have you ever wondered why some repair shops are barely getting by while others are constantly growing?  The answer lies in how they each view and leverage new technology. “Hybrid and electric vehicles will keep gaining the market share in the next few years, too, along with autonomous vehicles, which will force mechanical shops to upgrade.” For customers, being able to stream music directly from their smartphone to their car is great; for repair shops, vehicles with enhanced technology integration equals increased opportunities. While it is assumed that dealerships have a monopoly on the sale and repair of complicated vehicle systems, remember that the same unfounded theory was proposed during the emergence of Electronic Fuel Injection; lo and behold, independent repair shops have continued to thrive.

However, to stay relevant in today’s competitive environment, service centers claiming to “fix it all” will need to again expand their range of services to include technological and wireless device fixes as well. This is not so much a shift in basic service offerings, but rather an evolution of. “The most progressive auto shops and franchises are already immersed in tech, using iPads, laptops…to streamline work and keep up with a rapidly changing industry. There will always be some work…because tires can last only so many miles, shock absorbers and struts have only so many movements of life in them — and even Tesla batteries don’t last forever.” Shops who’ve embraced this technological shift and deployed connected shop management solutions have gained the ability to leverage proactive customer engagement tools to connect to vehicles, diagnose problems, and automatically set appointments. They’ve also leverage these tools to expand their digital presence and drive footfall during a time of increased competition.

At SHIFTMobility, we deliver end-to-end tools that empower service centers to embrace both modern vehicles and modern customers. From one click check-in and service package selection to immediate access to detailed customer preferences and needs, every step of the process has been designed to address the needs of the modern service center and customer.

Whether relaying today’s sales, telematics-based service demands, or shop productivity charts, our blockchain-powered solutions for service centers help businesses adapt to changing customer needs and vehicle technology quickly and easily. Contact us to learn which of our service center solutions is right for your business.

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