February 22, 2019

How Digital Personal Engagement and the Concierge Dealership is Reshaping How Cars are Bought, Sold, and Maintained

With so many ways to connect these days, it’s surprising that many dealerships continue to rely on limited modes of customer interaction. TV commercials capture interest solely when potential customers are watching, though these days they’re more likely to use their DVR to scan right over them. Radio advertisements add mobility in the literal sense of the word, but the same challenge remains; listeners can just change the channel. And so on and so forth for promotion mailers, cold calls, and various specials.

A decade prior, driving to the bank or nearest ATM to check balances was a common practice. Today, almost everything that can be done at a branch location can be done on a phone. Omni-channel engagement and increasingly personalized experiences are driving increased levels of customer satisfaction and acquisition. Per Deloitte, many customers are even willing to trade “…their personal information for enhanced experiences, sometimes even paying for the privilege.”

As highly interactive businesses, traditional vehicle dealerships must do the same. While competitors such as Carvana are able to limit overhead burden by leveraging diminutive physical footprints, it’s the main street dealerships that would truly have the advantage if only they embraced digital personal engagement. Luckily, solutions with open APIs provide a simple and straightforward way of connecting a dealerships back office processes, CRM, and sales force to sophisticated industry-specific engagement tools.

Deloitte defines omni-channel engagement as “digital experience with physical interactions—in-store, on-site, and via customer and field service personnel.” Sounds like a perfect fit for dealerships. SHIFTMobility’s integrated application suite for dealers enables single stores and MSOs to track and engage with the vehicles they sell and the customers they serve from initial purchase through maintenance lifecycle. By leveraging technology to drive personalized experiences, whether at the dealership or out on the road, our solutions eliminate the communication “black hole” that traditionally follows a vehicle purchase while simultaneously delivering protection against emerging competitive threats.

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As newcomers continue to capitalize on their mobile reach and startup agility, it makes about as much sense for dealerships to continue using cumbersome legacy software and <insert holiday here> savings mailers as it does to strap a Holley four-barrel on a Tesla Model X. The bottom line is that traditional dealerships don’t need obnoxious incentives or free car wash vouchers to drive customer loyalty and engagement, they just need the right solution.

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