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28 February, 2019

Part to The Future: Parts Manufacturers and The Mobility Ecosystem

You may be in favor of our increasingly connected vehicles and the coming autonomous push, or perhaps you prefer the satisfaction of carving your way from one apex to the next. Regardless of your personal affinity, the reality is that intelligent vehicles and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications are accelerating at a startling pace. Look a little deeper, however, and it’s clear that the shift towards mobility services like car sharing, EVs, and autonomous vehicles is already exerting tremendous pressure on the industry. Nowhere is this impact more severe than on the manufacturers who make the parts for these transformative conveyances.

Options are limited. Parts manufacturers must either transition to mobile, cloud-based solutions or pack it in. If your competitor can connect directly to vehicles, track driver behavior, and predict component failures, they have an unassailable advantage. Not only has technology moved the parts supply closer to consumers or service points, but it also mitigates the strain of unusual demand surges, allowing for the evaluation of supply-demand at any point in the network so that services can be effectively planned and delivered.

Even carmakers are keen to evolve into technology companies, as evidenced by the move towards touch-screen dashboards and app integration. Built-in vehicle sensors will aggregate and provide data in ways never imagined just a decade ago. When all is said and done, vehicle-to-cloud communication will allow cars to be directly connected to their manufacturers, the distributors who stock their parts, and the repair shops who service them.

Deloitte states that “across all parts segments, and throughout the supporting infrastructure beyond the vehicle’s walls, the Internet of Things and its proliferation of sensors can enable suppliers to gather reams of new data on parts’ performance and environment. Advanced analytics and real-time processing may allow parts and vehicle systems to reach new levels of performance, durability, and efficiency.”

As traditional commerce models continue to be felled by e-commerce giants, there should be no remaining doubt that sales territories are no longer measured by miles or continents; the playing field is now global. To weather the storm, manufacturers must embrace cloud-based solutions agile enough to adapt to evolving technologies, flexible enough to scale to any size, and sophisticated enough to be future proof, regardless of what comes next.

The SHIFTMobility Automotive Platform provides the infrastructure necessary to seamlessly connect, monitor, and transfer data between vehicles, service networks, and anything in between. The platform includes real-time vehicle communication, Human Machine Interface (HMI) for encoding services, live data streams, charts, OBD II command support, as well as data logging and sharing with cloud and mobile applications – all through a simple API integration.  The solution also supports a wide range of OBD II standard compliant adapters, CAN, LIN, Bluetooth, WiFi, and cloud, eliminating connector obsolescence or the need for proprietary devices. With a simple connection to the SHIFTMobility Platform, you can tailor and improve your manufacturing and distribution business for growth.  So, is your organization prepared for the mobility ecosystem?

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