January 9, 2019

Product Tip: Fleet Account Management

For those repair businesses where fleet work comprises a majority of revenue, insight into these accounts is critical. With ShopLite, managing fleet accounts and tracking their revenue has never been easier.

View all fleet accounts with just one click. Discover which of those you service most to understand spending habits and plan accordingly. View pending payments to ensure your hard work is paid on time. Even better, ShopLite can help you reduce accounting costs and understand the true health of your business.


  • Monitor fleet history and spend
  • Comprehensive business performance intelligence and analytics dashboard
  • Fleet specific sales and revenue reports
  • Track pending, open, and paid invoices across all accounts
  • Tailor-made views for independent shops, multiple stores, and franchises
  • Easily manage Accounts Receivables reports


  • Never miss a payment
  • Reports provide clarity
  • In-depth individual account analysis
  • Understand spending habits to plan accordingly 
  • Increase revenue forecast accuracy

ShopLite fleet management