December 11, 2018

Product Tip: SHIFTMobility Central, a Franchise Management Application

SHIFTMobility Central brings the power of big data analytics right into your service bay.

Seamlessly view all of your stores, reports, and business performance in a single dashboard. Share customer records, create and deploy marketing campaigns across multiple stores, and drive operations from a central hub which can be pushed to all or a selection of your shops.

Central enables you to glean best practices from your franchise ecosystem to effectively plan and deliver services that work for them all.  Get deep insight into the health of your franchises and multiple or individual stores – all in real-time!


  • Comprehensive built-in reports (customization available)
  • Real time dashboard – car counts, repeat customers, new customers, vehicle demographics, and franchise performance
  • Centrally manage all store locations, customers, employee, and commission plans
  • Define marketing campaigns and run deploy across multiple locations
  • Retain customers even when they move from one geography to another 
  • Easily transfer customer records and service history to alternate locations
  • Create master service packages and push to all franchises or stores
  • Live data feed displays changing vehicle demographics, inventory consumption and services performed
  • Drill down from SHIFTMobility Central to ShopLite for granular details as they happen in the shop bays
  • Back office integration via Open APIs


  • Real-time visibility into sales, parts purchases, inventory, expenses
  • Deep insight into local demand enables superior parts and tire inventory management
  • Reduce software overhead with 1 subscription fee – irrespective of the number of franchises/stores you own
  • Your data is never shared with anyone.  All information is captured by SHIFTMobility Automotive Blockchains – immutable, transparent and is always available
  • Artificial intelligence enabled recommendations help manage marketing campaigns, inventory and expenses
  • Franchisees are not required to do any data uploads – all information is captured the moment a transaction occurs at the store