December 6, 2018

Product Tip: Job Generator

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why ShopLite allows you to add snap a picture of that leaky oil pan gasket and show, rather than simply tell, your customers exactly what the problem is.

Seize up-sell opportunities by leveraging images of vehicle problem areas to sell previous recommendations, declined services, and mileage based factory maintenance. Remember, for auto repair customers seeing isn’t just believing, it’s often the difference between selling a job or not.


  • Sell more jobs by adding images to declined and recommended services
  • Educate the customer while demonstrating the necessity of the service
  • Boost Service Writer and Technician productivity
  • Never miss a revenue opportunity again
  • Reinforce your image as a detail oriented and customer focused shop
  • Pictures save directly to vehicle service record
  • Easily share, email, print or display on all devices
Product Tip Job Generator

Job Generator