December 20, 2018

Product Tip: Estimate2Invoice

ShopLite turns your repair shop into a mobile-enabled powerhouse and keeps the tempo up during vehicle servicing by providing everything you need for the job, from oil type and amount to parts, lift points and more- all on a single screen.

Accept e-signatures, digitally approve work, and send invoices directly to customer smartphones. Easily view your daily, weekly, or monthly sales figures with just one click. Discover which vehicle makes and models you service most so you can stock parts that sell, not gather dust.

Whether you’re looking to increase bay traffic or simply free up time and boost profits, ShopLite has you covered. Plus, your customers will appreciate that your shop operates just like everything else in their mobile-first world.


  • Fast check in – VIN/license plate/QR code scanner
  • 30-second service estimates
  • Factory maintenance schedules
  • Over 50 revenue, productivity, and shop operations focused reports
  • Detailed vehicle, fluid, and parts information 
  • Built-in inspections with photo capability
  • Track profitability, bay times, tech efficiency, and cost of labor


  • Faster estimates
  • Superior understanding of profitability and costs
  • Connected across mobile, laptop, and desktop 
  • Multi-store capability 
  • Track sales, service, declined jobs and marketing opportunities 
  • Boost efficiency
  • Increase average repair order
  • Decrease bay times
  • Gain the intelligence necessary to gain the advantage

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