December 13, 2018

Product Tip: Automated Inventory Management

Inventory, simplified. ShopLite’s automated inventory management and application-specific catalog takes the legwork out of finding the right part for the job and alerts you when current stock levels are running low.

Easily track your inventory, boost bay efficiency with packages linked to parts, and understand where it all stands with one click!


  • Inventory management:
    • Multiple integrated parts manufacturer catalogs
    • Physical inventory and cycle count for improved stock accuracy and shrinkage tracking
    • Displays available vehicle application-specific parts
    • View quantity on hand by vendor
    • Automatic Cost of Goods sold calculation based on stocking and pricing rules

(Standard Costing, LIFO, and FIFO)

  • Re-orders:
    • Low inventory level alerts with min-max rules
    • Automatic out-of-stock item purchasing
    • Shopping list creation for easy ordering
  • Inventory intelligence:
    • Demand insights so you can stock fast moving parts
    • Powerful reports to track obsolescence and turn over rates

(Margins, values, quantity on hand, consumption)

    • Inventory valuation and parts segmentation by category


  • Simplified end-to-end automated inventory tracking
  • Boost efficiency with packages linked to parts in inventory
  • Demand insights enable dynamic part stocking
  • Understand profitability with one click
  • Auto-purchasing ensures you’re never out of stock
  • Powerful reports track obsolescence and turnover rates