April 12, 2018

Blockchain – How Technology is Reshaping the Delivery of Information From the Internet to your Apps

A blink of the screen prompts a finger swipe, which in turn boots the notifying app as it begins to feed data via blockchain. There’s little for the user to do, as both the arrival of the information blocks and refreshment of data points occurs autonomously.  Whether relaying today’s sales, telematics-based service demands, or shop productivity, blockchains are part of a growing breed of technologies combining to deliver a cascade of digital innovations.

Prior to this, those seeking to leverage innovative technology would build an app, connect it to the cloud, serve up information to databases and stores, add additional big data infrastructure, and finally create supplemental engines for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications specific to the goals of their organization. While blockchain technology is not a combination of the above, it’s nonetheless disrupting the very foundation of how apps and information technology interact with each other; and it is doing so more securely, faster, and cost effective than any technology before. Its benefits read like a technologist wish list: decentralized, effortless data transportation, near real-time analytics, and no restriction on data size. Plainly put, it’s the future of the automotive industry.

As it stands, the automotive service industry is under intense pressure from an ever-expanding vehicle mix, distribution battles, inventory obsolescence, cashless payments integration, labor shortages, IT infrastructure challenges, and continued disruption from mobile parts marketplaces and an emerging connected car ecosystem. From small dealers and service centers to the largest suppliers of automotive products in the supply chain, no niche is safe from the onslaught.

To address these challenges and remain competitive many businesses are turning to blockchain technology. Just as cloud computing and web applications modernized IT, blockchain aims to repeat the feat by delivering the cryptocurrency, security, platform, and instantaneous communication necessary for organizations to develop truly revolutionary enterprise apps, digital containers, and data exchanges. With the potential to eliminate information barriers and security risk altogether, blockchain will allow the automotive industry to tackle ever increasing transaction volumes from vehicle generated demand while simultaneously eliminating costly IT infrastructure investments. By drawing the industry closer to consumers and their needs, this convergence of technologies promises not only big savings throughout the supply chain, but superior service at unbeatable prices; and you can’t really argue with that.

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