November 15, 2017

ShopLite Tech Tip – Nov 15, 2017

Faster, Easier Fleet Accounts

Fleet servicing is an integral part of many repair businesses, which is why ShopLite includes enhanced capabilities designed to make finding, managing, and creating repair estimates for fleet accounts fast and easy. Simply enter the unit number attached to the fleet vehicle to immediately identify it and begin the estimate process. Here’s how it works:

1. To attach a unit number to a fleet vehicle: edit the vehicle record from within the customer section (as shown below) or at the estimate page.

Fleet 1

2. Once a fleet number is attached to a vehicle you can then search for it using only the unit number.

Fleet 2

3. Even if two or more accounts share the same vehicle unit number, ShopLite’s enhanced search feature makes it easy to determine which vehicle, and account, is the one you’re looking for.

Fleet 3