October 19, 2017

ShopLite Tech Tip – Oct. 2017

Repair centers are customer facing businesses, so it comes as no surprise that many owners build a report with patrons who depend on their shops’ expertise to keep their vehicles, and those of their family, running properly.

To help you best cater to these loyal customers, we’re pleased to introduce a new feature: Family Groups. Family Groups allows you to easily merge multiple customers and vehicles together under a single profile, enabling you to keep track of lifetime spend and quickly access pertinent maintenance records – all in one place.



OCT. 2017 Release – New Enhancements

  • Feature:  Family Groups
  • To use:
    • Go to settings
    • Find and select Household Cars
    • In the top box, identify the primary account holder by searching for their first or last name
    • Enter the customer(s) you want to attach to the primary account by entering their first or last name in the lower box
    • Save