October 31, 2017

ShopLite Tech Tip – Oct. 31 2017

Ditch the Guesswork with Smart jobs

Creating repair estimates just got even faster! With smart jobs enabled, ShopLite automatically checks your inventory stock level for all parts related to the selected vehicle application and chosen package.

For example, let’s say your premium oil package includes both an oil filter and cabin air filterDo you know the part numbers needed for that vehicle off the top of your head? Are the parts in stock? With smart jobs, you no longer have to guess.

Even better, ShopLite takes care of inventory management with automatic updates, up to date reports, and can even create an order if a part reaches a specified minimum stock level.

Getting started:

1. Go to your packages list
2. Create a new package or edit an existing one
3. Name the job and add a description
4. Enter your labor charge
5. At the parts line, click the white checkbox to the left

NOTE: You must have inventory listed to use this feature. If you would like to learn more about using the inventory, please email us atsupport@shiftmobility.com.


6. Select a part category


7. Enter a quantity
8. Continue
9. Add your smart job (from the packages ta) to the estimate


The parts displayed correlate to parts in your inventory for the vehicle selected



OCT. 2017 Release – New Enhancements

  • Feature:  Smart Jobs
  • To use:
    • Go to your packages list
    • Create a new package or edit an existing one
    • Name the package and add a description
    • Enter labor charge
    • Click the white checkbox in the parts line
    • Select part category
    • Enter quantity
    • Add the smart job from the packages tab to the estimate