September 29, 2017

ShopLite Tech Tip – Sept. 2017

For the average repair shop fixing vehicles is a full time job, but what happens when bay traffic begins to lighten up? Shouldn’t attracting new customers and promoting return visits be an equally important part of the business plan?

ShopLite’s customer and fleet reports deliver the critical business intelligence you need to increase your car count, boost return visits, and drive new customers to your front door.

Check out the short video below to learn how you can use reports to boost your bottom line.

Sept. 2017 Release – New Enhancements

  • Feature:  Advanced Customer and Fleet Analytics
  • Description:  Delivers a 360 degree view of your customers.  Reports detail:
    •  Who your top customers are
    •  Who’s lagging on recommended maintenance
    •  What are most frequent vehicle types
    •  Which customers generate the most revenue
    •  What is the trend with repeat customers
    •  What are the most commonly performed services
    •  Which fleet service remains unpaid
    •  And more