August 31, 2017

ShopLite Tech Tip – Aug. 2017

For shops, setting financial goals and measuring progress is critical to identifying the path to success – and ShopLite can help. As a subscriber, you have access to detailed reporting as well as the tools to help you understand how best to put this intelligence to use.


So, which reports, metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) are most important for shop owners? Here are few to keep an eye on:

1. Daily gross sales – Set a goal and review revenue totals daily. Drastic downward trends should be examined closer for cause.


2. Daily billable hours – Delivers insight into the total amount of hours you ending up billing. You should expect an hour of productivity for every hour your Technician is on the floor.

3. Labor cost as a percentage of sales – Your benchmark should be between 17-21%.

4. Technician efficiency – Measuring a Technician’s efficiency comes down to their billable hours versus the time required. You should always aim for 100% efficiency – underquoting or an inefficient tech is a repair shop profit killer.

Keeping an eye on these KPIs will allow you to better understand where to channel your activities and make the most of your hard-earned dollars.


Aug. 2017 Release – New Enhancements

  • Application Module:  Reports
  • Enhancement Name:  Revenue by vehicle make
    • A powerful report that provides insight into revenue generated per vehicle type:
      • Vehicle make
      • Model year
      • Revenue per vehicle make
  • Combine this report with the vehicle brands report and tailor specialized promotion packages and marketing campaigns.