August 14, 2017

ShopLite Tech Tip – Aug. 2017

For the average repair shop fixing vehicles is a full-time job, but what happens when the appointment calendar begins to lighten up? Shouldn’t attracting new customers be an equally important part of the business plan? The reality is that while your shop may be busy at present with loyal customers and their referrals, at some point you’ll need to start bringing in new business to grow your own.

ShopLite makes it easy to improve customer service and grow your business with unlimited service history based marketing, targeted email campaigns, deals, promotions and maintenance reminders. And, because you’re using the same platform your shop uses to create an invoice, you can rest assured that you’re getting 100% of your audience’s attention while at the same time ditching the hassle that comes with manually entering a discount for each service.

While offering your customers promotions on oil changes and routine maintenance may seem like small potatoes, it’s an important aspect of driving customer loyalty which will pay off big time when their vehicle requires more complicated repairs. Not only that, but by utilizing deals on a regular basis you can plan ahead for notoriously slow service periods. It’s a win-win.
With more customers comes more revenue, and with more revenue you’ll see why using using ShopLite was the right decision.


New Enhancements

  • Easily create QR Code promotional email campaigns
    • Increase customer loyalty and drive business
    • Create promotional campaigns by selecting customers in your database
      • Navigate between tabs using the A-Z method
    • NOTE: QR codes are only visible if viewed via web browser.
    • ShopLite captures and displays when a QR code promotion was used and by which customer