August 8, 2017

The Greatest Tool a Mechanic Owns Does Not Live in Their Toolbox (And They May Not Even know it)

From autonomous vehicles that promise to whisk us off for a night on the town in surreal comfort to future visions of effortless mobility, the automotive hype train is barreling towards the future at full steam. While it all certainly sparks the imagination, what about the mechanics that are tasked with maintaining the increasingly complicated cars currently cruising our highways?

While traditional repair shop software vendors have remained content to rest of their laurels for the last decade, the rest of the industry is evolving at a dizzying pace. In our mobile-first world It makes about as much sense for service centers to continue using legacy software on modern vehicles jam packed with sensors as it does to strap a Holley four-barrel on a Tesla Model X.

Like it or not, business success is now intricately tied to the effectiveness of constant contact initiatives. That means mobile. We buy things, make plans with friends, and even conduct business on these handy devices. Heck, you may even be scrolling through this blog on your smartphone right now – it’s the one item that’s almost always with us, and we make the most of it. This same agility should apply to your business, too. As the fastest growing segment behind mobile games, business apps are increasingly backed by powerful platforms able to tap into everything from extensive information databases to even vehicles themselves. Plus, apps never get outdated; just a quick download and you’re ready to go.

It’s true that mechanics have had “portable” diagnostic devices for some time now, but they’re neither cheap nor small and certainly cannot create estimates, organize finances, or order parts. Imagine that next time a customer’s car indicates it’s time for servicing, the vehicle itself automatically transmits all pertinent information directly to your shop where you have the estimate, parts, and technician ready to go when they pull into the bay. This isn’t science-fiction, apps that can do this and much more are available right now at an app store near you; just make sure you type “SHIFTMobility” into the search bar.

Why spend thousands on desktop software or a handheld device that specializes in a single task when you can get one app that masters them all? When you get down to brass tacks, the numbers just don’t add up.

Elliott Schendel, Director of Marketing, SHIFTMobility Inc.