February 13, 2017

Fulfilling the Quick Lube Industry’s Promise of Speed with Mobile Technology

With close to half a billion performed every year on the roughly 250 million cars on the road it should come as no surprise that oil changes are the most performed automotive service in the United States. To meet this demand the number of quick lube service stations is rising, yet the repair order/service writing solutions and customer relationship management technology being used is stuck in the 80’s; why?

One factor that has contributed to slow adoption of emerging technology is its perceived high cost. What most fail to grasp, however, is that because web and mobile based software requires no special hardware they are more affordable than the legacy desktop solutions they aim to replace. One must also consider return on investment over time. Would you like to increase ticket averages by 15%? How about decreasing service times by a couple of minutes or more? It’s all possible with the right web/mobile-enabled solution in place.

At SHIFTMobility, we deliver end-to-end tools that empower the fast lube industry to make good on their speed promises and streamline operations. From one click on-boarding and service package selection to immediate access to lube specifications, part numbers, and lift points, every step of the process has been designed to address the needs of the modern service center and customer.

LubeLite features:

  • One click on-boarding/repair orders with QR coded deals and packages
  • Instant access to lube specifications and part numbers
  • Manufacturer recommendations for lubricants directly mapped to shop inventory
  • View job complexity/time at a glance
  • Vehicle inspections/top offs posted to the invoice
  • Immediate access to lift points and vehicle diagrams

With record mobile adoption, it’s clear that smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the cornerstone of automotive service and repair. It’s been a long time coming, but service center owners are beginning to recognize that the key to success in this changing landscape involves increased customer interaction regardless of geographic location, as well as harnessing the means to optimize shop performance and decrease the bay times. Speed, mobility, and customer satisfaction are all directly related. Sacrifice one, and the rest suffer accordingly.

It’s past time the fast lube industry grabbed a hold of what the majority of the aftermarket has already learned – the time to go mobile is now.

Josh Burwick, Director of Sales, SHIFTMobility