January 17, 2017

3 Things Your Auto Repair Shop Wants You to Know

1. All services are not created equal

Some repair services take longer than others – it’s just a fact. What most of us don’t consider when we’re taken aback by a repair timeline we deem no fast enough is the shop’s existing workload. How many customers came before you? Next time you’re told your repairs can’t be done right away, it’s likely due to the fact that the shop is extremely busy, just like you are. Keep this in mind and don’t get frustrated – we’re all only human.

2. Your shop wants to stay connected to you

The truth is, your repair center wants to earn your trust, but to do so they need to stay connected to you and your vehicle; they need to send you reminders and alerts when you’re due for service. The next time you feel queasy about giving your shop the information they need, don’t, it’s all part of the process. Do you withhold personal information from your doctor? Exactly. Just as you would with your physical health, you want your car to be well taken care of and maintained by professionals. The same goes for the vital statistics of your vehicle.

3. Just because you saw it online, doesn’t make it true

We’ve all heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: the world is consumed by information, and misinformation. We can find out anything, anywhere, at any time. There’s just one problem: we’re not experts in everything. The same applies to your repair shop. You don’t know which part, price, or timeframe is best for the service you need – but your shop does. There’s a reason why we take our vehicles to licensed professionals. So, leave the profession to the professionals.

Josh Burwick, Director of Sales