December 22, 2016

Customer Spotlight – Baja’s Auto Tech

When a customer rolls into the service bay, a shop owner’s focus is on getting things done in the shortest amount of time possible – a boon for both parties. In a very real scenario, Jorge, of Baja Auto Tech, leverages ShopLite to streamline his shop operations and ensure his customers are in an out as fast as possible, thus maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

With the SHIFTMobility suite at the ready, Jorge greets customers using ShopLite on his iPad and documents the vehicle complaint while using the built-in VIN and License plate scanner to quickly grab all of the necessary vehicle information. With the car documented, Jorge allows the customer to fill out their personal information on the same iPad, eliminating the need to rush between the front office and service bay while at the same time eliminating error prone manual VIN entry.

To address each unique vehicle issue, Jorge uses either the standard packages included with ShopLite or those he has customized just for his shop, then delivers the price quote to the customer. Once the estimate has been approved via digital signature or email, work begins. ShopLite streamlines the repair process further by providing technicians with visibility into everything already documented, along with all of the necessary repair and diagnostic information, whether they’re next to the vehicle or under it. When it’s time to print a copy for the customer, Jorge simply switches over to the desktop app with his single sign-on. As ShopLite is platform agnostic, he can switch between platforms at will.

Jorge is also keenly aware that his customers want to be informed by understanding how their vehicle is holding up and how they can keep it performing at its best. During cash out, Jorge uses one of ShopLite’s integrated inspection sheets to document any recommendations and then e-mails a copy to the customer with images of problem areas, if any.

Extraordinarily, Jorge didn’t require any app training. The intuitive nature of ShopLite allowed him to capture vehicle information and generate estimates while navigating between the tablet and desktop versions at ease. In fact, he enjoys switching between platforms as it allows him more time away from the desk to do what he does best!

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Josh Burwick, Director of Sales