September 12, 2016

The Rise of m-Commerce – You Do The Math

Following its launch in the late 1990s, online automotive part sales quickly became the industry’s fastest growing sales channel. Two decades later, the smartphone is now the dominate medium for online purchases. Last year, the global mobile commerce market was estimated at $291 billion. By 2018, analysts believe that there will be 8.2 billion active mobile devices. You do the math.

While every industry is seeing staggering gains in purchases made through mobile devices, it’s the untouched real estate of automotive that has the potential to truly revolutionize the way an entire industry makes, sells, and buys products. Coupled with recent advances in telematics technology, mobile commerce is about to get a lot smarter – welcome to intelligent mobility. In just ten years time, drivers will be connected with retailers and businesses based on location and have the ability to purchase music, goods, services or even pay tolls right from their dashboards.

Already, major vehicle manufacturers like Ford and Honda have taken the first steps to bringing payment features to connected vehicles, though through two distinct paths. While Honda has chosen to bring m-commerce directly to the dashboard, Ford is banking on a slew of complimentary mobile apps to drive the experience home. For the DIY and retail sectors this is great news, but B2B is five times larger. With its ability to create deeply interactive experiences for customers, m-commerce and in-vehicle commerce is not just the future, it’s currently a blank slate.

While it’s true that simply having a mobile presence will not automatically boost sales, forward-thinking companies like these will be well rewarded for being quick to leverage the power of mobile commerce and vehicle integration to establish and nurture relationships with customers. So, how do we get there?

SHIFTMobility was founded to do exactly this. We integrate manufacturers, distributors, repair centers, and vehicles on a common platform to enable faster connectivity, light up ideas, and help the industry embrace enterprise mobility and e-commerce. Built specifically for the automotive industry, our technology is well positioned to capitalize on and support the wave of new vehicles and their corresponding technologies.

With the SHIFTMobility platform, organizations can leverage our unique understanding of automotive data, standards and data delivery to quickly make the leap to mobile and acquire new markets for the sale of both OEM and aftermarket automotive parts. For the $250 billion aftermarket, and buyers who increasingly make their purchases on mobile devices, the need to embrace mobility has never been more compelling. You do the math.

Pavana Jain, CEO