August 10, 2016

Are You An Innovator? The Secret To Running A Successful Modern Auto Repair Shop Is No Secret At All

When Jobs and Wozniak brought the first Macintosh computer to market they ignited a user experience revolution that is still shaping our world today. Fast forward to the release of the iPod and iPhone, and mobility became the name of the game. Each one of these innovative products was a tremendous sales success. Why? They simplified daily tasks and opened our minds to a future full of endless possibilities.

We all have that one friend or colleague who’s a “gadget guru,” compelled to always own the latest and greatest piece of technology.  These types regularly purchase new phones, computers, cars, and anything else that has the potential to revolutionize aspects of their daily lives. In the business world, gadget guru’s go by a different name: innovators. Innovators are forward thinkers constantly on the lookout for any new tech that can help take their business to the next level.

Have you ever wondered why some repair shops are barely getting by while others are constantly growing?  The answer lies in how they each view and leverage new technology. Even today, many shops lack modern solutions able to effectively manage customer service events – estimates, inspections, diagnostics and repairs, invoicing, and parts ordering – that impact every area of their business. By continuing to work with inefficient handwritten records or point solutions, shops spend substantial amounts of time creating and organizing paperwork, matching spends, and reconciling multiple systems of record for profit calculations. A shop owners job is hard enough without having to waste a significant portion of their day filing paperwork.

In a world increasingly reliant on smartphones and mobile technology, mobile repair center software lets savvy shop owners quickly and conveniently engage with customers, spend less time in the back office, and glean information critical to identifying business growth opportunities. Here at SHIFTMobility, every one of our apps was built from the ground up to support the automotive industry’s mobile application needs. Take ShopLite, for instance, which enables repair shops to create estimates in seconds, quickly diagnose car troubles, repair any vehicle, accurately order parts, and print invoices – all in a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use solution. Speed and mobility aren’t the only benefits of a modern shop solution, however. Armed with advanced analytics and real time data in the palm of their hands, innovative shop owners can now run their businesses whether they’re standing next to a car in the bay or out on the road. Best of all, there’s no hardware or software to purchase; all of our apps work on the one device that both you and your gadget guru friend owns: the smartphone.

So, are you an innovator?

-Mark Malaspina, Vice President of Sales