July 21, 2016

Vehicle Telematics Puts IoT in the Driver’s Seat

If one were to guess what the number one connected application would be in four years time, I doubt most would answer “the car.” However, Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be over 250 million connected vehicles on the road, placing automobiles well in the running for the title.

Let’s get one thing straight, when discussing connected vehicles we’re not talking about cars simply able to display fun music or weather apps on their touch screen dashboards. No, connected vehicles are those designed to share, consume, and access information between everything from a driver’s smartphone to businesses, organizations, people, and other vehicles.

250 million connected vehicles. That’s 250 million more “things” that will be connected to the internet. We’re already seeing carmakers evolving into technology companies, but some of the more tangible benefits of this technological leap center around the automotive service side. Vehicle to Cloud communication will allow cars to be directly connected to their manufacturers, the distributors who stock their parts, as well as the repair shops who service them. On-board vehicle sensors will aggregate and provide data in ways never imagined just a decade ago.

In the near future, when your car says “I need service,” it will automatically transmit all pertinent information directly to your favorite repair center or dealer service bay. In fact, your car could even schedule the service visit for you.  With this level of connectivity, your service center will already have the parts and technician ready to go when you enter the shop.  And it doesn’t stop there.

Our connected world has opened up endless opportunities and new revenue channels for all parties involved. Just think of all the other ways connectivity could simplify our daily lives: concierge services, safety and security, digital marketing, personal health monitoring – all of these services can now integrated into your connected car.  In short, increased connectivity equals increased opportunity.

It’s a bold vision, no doubt, but SHIFTMobility is on the forefront of this automotive revolution.  Our all-in-one automotive platform, which includes vehicle communication and telematics, enables the connected mobile applications built on it to provide part manufacturers, distributors, repair facilities and vehicle owners with the information and data necessary to bring both cars and the service industry into the next generation. Learn more about our innovative technologies at shiftmobility.com