July 27, 2016

White Paper: CarCheck Smart Inspection Sheets


As a car care professional, you know that recommending additional service to your customers can be tricky; you must avoid the perception that you are selling something they don’t need while reinforcing the necessity of the service. SHIFTMobility’s CarCheck comprehensive mobile inspection sheets does just this.

Boost Business With Inspection Sheets

Customers want to be informed. They want to know how their vehicle is holding up, and they want to know how they can keep it performing at its best. Hand written inspection sheets are hit and miss in their effectiveness, but CarCheck’s digitally completed forms spell out every detail and can be attached directly to a customers receipt, allowing them to view the results anywhere, anytime and on any device. Now, not only will your customers be alerted to recommended services, they’ll know which repairs can wait and which can’t. CarCheck’s inspection sheets cover everything from tires and brakes to oil and milestone services – you can even include additional notes within for increased granularity.

Case Study

The inspection sheet below details vehicle areas that require additional service, including an attached picture of a leak emanating from the oil pan gasket – ensuring that the customer is aware of the seriousness of the problem.

CarCheck smart inspection sheets

CarCheck smart inspection sheets

This inspection sheet demonstrates the immediate need for brake pad replacement, as evidenced by the cracked and worn unit in the picture.

CarCheck smart inspection sheets

CarCheck smart inspection sheets


CarCheck is built in to ShopLite, but is also available as a standalone app.

CarCheck includes inspection sheets for A/C, All Systems, Battery, Body, Brakes, Catalytic Converter, Charging System, Driveline & Drivetrain, Exhaust, Fluid Leak, Fluids & Filters, Hybrid Vehicles, Instruments, Lights, Oxygen Sensor, Road Test, Starting & Charging, Steering & Suspension, Tires, Transmission, Tune-up, Under The Hood, Under Vehicle, Vehicle Stability, Visual, Wipers.

With CarCheck you can attach images of trouble areas, make notes, send your findings to customers via email, or when using it in conjunction with ShopLite Premium even add inspection sheet findings directly into the estimate flow.


  • Boost sales & gain customer loyalty with transparency
  • Reduce the possibility of unexpected failures and break downs while driving
  • Promotes vehicle maintenance
  • Take corrective actions to ensure vehicle safety features are functioning optimally
  • Alert customers if vehicle components do not conform to safety standards
  • List wear and tear noticed on visual inspections

When your customers are properly informed, sales and satisfaction increase – it’s a win-win.

To get started with mobile inspection sheets, download the CarCheck app from the Apple App Store today.

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Download the CarCheck Smart Inspection Sheets White Paper