June 18, 2016

White Paper: Private Label as a Service (PLaaS)


The mobile revolution is rapidly transforming the way the automotive aftermarket makes, sells, and buys products. Smartphone-driven business applications tie  manufacturers and distributors together with their ability to share and integrate the use of product, sales, and market information worldwide.  These trends are fundamentally changing the complex network of wholesale and retail distribution channels.

The numbers speak for themselves.  This year, smartphone users worldwide will exceed 2 billion. Of those, 96% use mobile apps, including 200+ million workers who use mobile business apps. With the proliferation of smart devices and e-commerce, going mobile is no longer recommended, it’s required.

Forward-thinking companies will be well rewarded for being quick to leverage the power of mobile technology to establish and nurture relationships with customers. In short, mobile apps represent the future of how businesses will interact with employees and customers, but not all apps are created equal.

Going Mobile

While some automotive businesses have identified the need to digitize assets and bolster their online presence, the requirements of the aftermarket industry are fluid, as new technology is designed, tested, and released. Seeking to capitalize on this trend are mobile application providers who claim their homogeneous solutions can increase an organization’s visibility. But when all apps look the same, behave the same, and contain the same static content, it’s just not enough. Simply having an app will not automatically boost your online sales. Today’s apps must include capabilities for mobile commerce, knowledge sharing, and collaboration as well as a solid backbone to support the wave of new vehicles and technologies.

A Dedicated Automotive Platform

The right platform can help organizations tame complexity and easily transition to the digital realm, but selecting the one best suited to your company’s needs requires a clear understanding of your industry’s unique requirements. Not only must this platform be industry tailored; it also must allow for the rapid creation of applications, offer seamless deployment, and be agile enough to adapt to the needs of evolving businesses.

SHIFTMobility’s all-in-one platform is geared toward enabling any type of mobile application for the automotive and connected car industry. Designed from the ground up to support the industry’s mobile needs, it vertically integrates manufacturers, distributors, repair centers, and vehicles on a common platform to enable faster connectivity, light up ideas, and help the industry embrace enterprise mobility and e-commerce. The platform also provides the infrastructure necessary to seamlessly connect, monitor, and transfer diagnostic data between vehicles, service networks, and anything in between. With SHIFTMobility, organizations can leverage the power of mobile connectivity to drive value, agility, and deep insight – all at the speed of now.

Private Label as a Service

A mobile network for your brand

With Private Label as a Service, organizations can take advantage of SHIFTMobility’s unique understanding of automotive data and data delivery to quickly and cost-effectively make the leap to mobile. Built and managed in about four weeks, our standard compliant applications comprise of customizable automotive modules, business processes, private cloud environment, user and subscription management, mobile payment processing, iTunes and Android Marketplace store listing, and maintenance – all with zero IT infrastructure required. Every application inherits a mobile cloudlet with embedded features such as communication frameworks, integrations, scanners, automotive standard support, vehicle connectivity and security.

Deployed on the only platform specifically designed for the automotive industry, PLaaS offers a seamless way for automotive businesses to acquire new markets for the sale of automotive parts to buyers who increasingly make their purchases on mobile devices.  Take Specialty Products Co, for instance, who required a modern means of promoting its products, illustrations, and alignment adjustment methods. “Specialty Products is known for being on the forefront of the wheel alignment industry, so when we made the decision to deploy our first mobile app we knew it had to be done right – and SHIFTMobility delivered,” says Mina Cox, COO, Specialty Products Company. “By being the first alignment parts and tools manufacturer with a complete alignment specification mobile app, we will continue to be the manufacturer that professional installers turn to for their alignment solutions.”

Maneuvering a fundamental industry shift can be complicated, but our mission is simple: empower the automotive aftermarket to meet the challenges of the connected future and thrive in an era of rapid change.

Download the SHIFTMobility Private Label as a Service White Paper