May 11, 2016

Deliver a Rich App Experience Without Breaking the Bank

In our always on, mobile-enabled world bursting with a seemingly endless supply of consumer apps, it’s surprising that those for the automotive aftermarket have yet to gain the traction that their potential rightfully demands. With more than half of consumers in the developed world currently in possession of three or more connected devices a piece, the time is ripe to extend business to the mobile realm. In fact, a recent study concluded that mobile device users spend only 14% of their time in browsers, with the remaining 86% of that time focused on applications.

You may have read the above and concluded that your organization is all set because you already have an app. However, before you write off this blog take a moment to determine if your app is HTML5 or native, as the inherent differences between the two could determine if it is truly successful. You see, native apps gain the upper hand with their robust ability to handle business process integration and use the built-in features of mobile devices like the camera, contact list, GPS, accelerometer and compass. They are also able to track user engagement and react accordingly with personalized content. Ask yourself this: wouldn’t your app be more effective if it could deliver region-specific, customized content? It’s a fact that personalized apps lend themselves to higher conversion rates.

So, we’ve determined that to reach today’s target markets and buyers every business needs a mobile app that provides a rich user experience, but how do you go about deploying one with minimal investment and no dedicated IT team? When Specialty Products Co, the world leader in alignment parts and tools with a vast distribution network spanning the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, asked themselves this question they came to the only logical conclusion – SHIFTMobility’s Private Label as a Service.  PLaaS is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes everything from design and development to deployment and application management; all based on our flagship All-In-One platform. Now, any organization can deliver a rich user experience at an affordable cost.

Businesses want mobile enterprise apps to augment capabilities and empower employees; and above all else, just plain work. SHIFTMobility’s simplified mobile app development process provides the security and flexibility necessary for any organization to seize the advantage, regardless of device type or operating system. When your organization spans the continent, endowing your employees with the tools to streamline processes and your customers with fast access to your products in real time is a game-changer.

SHIFTMobility will also work with you throughout the process, as they have with Specialty Products Co, to ensure that you realize the functionality your organization needs to be victorious in your market.

Read the case study to learn how SHIFTMobility helped Specialty Products accelerate their business.

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