May 27, 2016

5 Reasons Auto Techs Need a Mobile Repair & Diagnostic Solution That Fits in the Palm of Their Hand

1. Today’s employees are more mobile than ever – It’s often said that time is one of our most valuable assets, and that’s true, but in the automotive world time is literally money. The efficiency of your technicians translates into real dollars lost or made. Have you ever wondered how much time gets wasted searching for repair or maintenance information on the single computer you have in the bay? You may even have two computers dedicated to your service department, but this is still far from optimal and a good killer of margins. The bottom line is that your techs need the agility that mobile provides and your shop’s future depends on it.

2. Productivity increases dramatically – Fast access to information is key. If techs waste thirty minutes trying to find fluid specifications or repair information, you’ve just lost half an hour out of their paycheck and yours. What about a tech in training? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a newbie-proof system that’s easy to navigate? With the right mobile repair app your techs can quickly find the information they need, order parts that fit the first time, and turn the job around faster. Your billable hours will increase and customers will relish the fast turnaround. It’s a win, win, win.

3.  Workload management – Imagine that all of your technicians instantly know their daily workload the second they walk in the door. When your techs are mobile-enabled, checking job assignments and updates is as simple as pulling out their phone. Less uncertainty, more productivity, more money.

4. The right tools for the job – There is no greater resource a shop can provide for its technicians than access to the very best tools.

Quality tools + great information + quality technician = faster turnaround on jobs and happy customers.

5. Mobile fits shops of all sizes – Purchasing individual computers for each of your repair bays is neither scalable nor cost efficient. But with the right mobile repair app your technicians don’t need additional computers – they can use the one device that they already own and is sitting in their pocket: their smartphone.

Try RepairBuddy in your shop today for fast access to all the information you need to maintain or repair any vehicle in a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution – from anywhere, anytime, any device.

Josh Burwick, Director, Sales & Support