April 28, 2016

What is a Product Information Hub and why should you care?

As a parts manufacturer, navigating the vast global trade network in an effort to get your products to market is no simple task. From product planning, design, and data acquisition to localization, cataloging, and distribution, each step requires intricate collaboration. You may have a great product, but being late to market can damage your bottom line beyond repair. It’s common sense that speed to market is essential, but successfully coordinating all of the pieces to get there is easier said than done. So, what is a product information hub and why should you care?

A Product Information Hub harmonizes all things pertinent to the continuous flow of product information that link various manufacturer and marketplace systems – virtually eliminating human error.  It connects your internal organization and delivers access to all data components in one location, serving not only as a base point for all things data, but as your control center for distribution and market intelligence.

Through task automation and the integration of stand-alone and discrete data flows, the right Product Information Hub can help you streamline operations, more efficiently manage the make-to-sell process, and launch products faster than ever before. To start, it provides you with the ability to create part and product information including ACES and PIES files, notes, fitment information, images and any other items related to your catalog process.  Even if your company is not ready to transition all creation services to the Hub, being able to store the information in a single cloud-based location will have a positive impact for your company.  This enhanced connectivity allows you to collaborate in real time with every person and every department who has a stake in the development of your part management: application, product information, digital assets, interchange – nothing is disconnected from the other.  Finally, you can share the data with all receivers, clients and online marketplaces who rely on your information to sell those parts. A good Product Information Hub provides the connectivity you need in a traditionally disconnected environment.

We live in an age when adequate doesn’t suffice. So, do you have the right tools to manage your business and get products to market in the shortest amount of time possible?   Does your current solution just suffice or does it thrive on accuracy and speed to a market that demands both?

As technology continues to evolve and vehicles become more connected, mobile apps will become even more ingrained with automobiles.  A Product Information Hub with mobile connectivity that serves the three verticals, manufacturer, distributor and installer, is vital to meeting the demands of modern consumers.  In today’s age of connectivity there is no technical barrier to how fast your information or products can get to market;  the only barrier is not moving forward and embracing where technology can take you.

“I could either watch it happen or be part of it.”

                                      Elon Musk – Tesla Motors

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Kevin Mullen, VP of Business Development