March 25, 2016

From Blacksmith to ASE Master Technician

When the car was first invented there was no such thing as an automotive mechanic. Back then, automobiles were handcrafted works of art instead of the mass produced items we see today. When a car broke down, people turned to blacksmiths and bicycle mechanics for repair work. But as cars became increasingly commonplace, the need for a mechanic who specialized in fixing them grew in turn. Today, the industry is at a new crucible point in its evolution. As cars and computer technology become increasingly intertwined, a new type of mechanic is needed.

SHIFTMobility’s goal is to bring about a technical revolution in the automotive industry, helping mechanics step away from viewing cars as just a machine to fix and instead approaching vehicle maintenance the same way physicians diagnose and treat people – they must not only identify the problem and fix it, but find out what is causing it and educate the owner. In this same vein, owners should have constant access to their vehicles digital “health records”. To accomplish this, SHIFTMobility created a series of vertically integrated apps that connect the entire automotive aftermarket industry, from part manufacturers to distributors and mechanics. Pretty soon, all a mechanic will need to do is boot up our ShopLite app on their smartphone, lay it down on a car, and the app will diagnose the vehicle and walk them through the steps to fix it in real time.

Every year new and more impressive technology is being added to cars without much thought as to how mechanics will fix them when they eventually need service. Elon Musk pushed the electric car industry forward when he launched Tesla; now production of electric cars from every manufacturer is on the rise. To meet this new demand, electric charging stations are starting to crop up all over California. Not to be left out, Google and Apple are in a race to build the first production self-driving vehicle. With tech giants like these pushing the envelop, how have industry standards kept up with modern technology?

While traditional shop software providers are satisfied to roll out incremental improvements every so often, they are unable to keep up with the rapid pace of modern vehicle technology and the prevalence of connectivity. Alternatively, every SHIFTMobility product is designed from the ground up to be mobile-first and take advantage of the technology that we have all become accustomed to. What difference does this make? It means that a work order created in the ShopLite web app can be viewed in real time by a technician in the repair bay on his smartphone via the ShopLite mobile app, and in turn access its sister apps CarCheck (inspection sheets) and RepairBuddy (repair data) without ever having to touch a computer. Mechanics can even view theory and repair videos, as well as prepare for ASE certification, on the go with CareXpert. Not only does this result in faster turn around times on jobs, but increased car counts and more complete repairs. With our software, mechanics can say goodbye to searching through multiple browser tabs to find the repair information they need or the best price on parts. Even better, ShopLite was designed to be intuitive and simple to use. Anyone familiar with how to use a smartphone will feel right at home, as opposed to traditional shop solutions which are complicated and can take months to master the basics. Our mission at SHIFTMobility is simple: provide repair shops with the tools they need to be faster, more efficient and put money back in their pockets.

SHIFTMobility Inc.