February 5, 2016

Drive Shop Revenue with Digital Inspection Sheets

The repair shop of the 21st century is vastly different than those of the 1950’s. The vehicles, technology, information systems and aftermarket itself have all turned the page. So the question is a simple one: are today’s shops utilizing the tools necessary to keep up with the changing landscape and demand to maximize revenue? Do they understand the value of these tools? Are they employing these tools correctly? In many cases the answer is a surprising NO. Often times repair shops get caught up in the day-to-day grind and not only struggle operationally, but also financially. With that said, what can they do about it?

Let’s take a look at a classic shop scenario: Bob walks in to ABC Auto Repair needing an oil and filter change. The mechanic provides a quote off the top of his head and tells Bob he can pick up his vehicle in about an hour. It’s an easy job for ABC Auto Repair, so how does this scenario unfold at the shop level? Let’s take a look:

1. The shop quickly hand writes an estimate, has Bob sign and gets him out the door.

2. Perhaps the shop has the oil and filter in stock and is able to quickly locate the needed parts.

3. Bob’s vehicle gets put on a lift and the oil and filter are changed.

4. ABC Auto calls Bob to let him know that the job is done and he can come pick the vehicle up.

5. Bob pays the shop, retrieves his car, and goes home. Done.

That seems copacetic, right? WRONG. ABC Auto missed an additional revenue opportunity. Let’s take a look at the same scenario, only this time ABC Auto has a dialed-in process designed to maximize revenue potential: a versatile point-of-sale system with Digital Inspection Sheets built in.

Bob walks into ABC Auto Repair needing an oil and filter change.

1. ABC Auto creates a professional quote on their tablet, shows Bob, prints and then immediately emails Bob the quote. Bob receives the quote, approves the cost, signs a copy and walks out the door.

2. ABC Auto launches their digital inspection sheet app on their tablet and sends the inspection out to the shop to be completed while the oil and filter change are being completed. Note: ABC Auto has an inspection sheet done with EVERY CUSTOMER. 

3. The technician logs in, receives the inspection sheet and begins checking off the items on the list.

4. The technician completes the inspection and notes a few items needing attention.

“Oil pan gasket dripping” and “Torn driver’s side CV boot”. The technician posts the inspection sheet with his notes, thus allowing the service advisor to immediately view it.

5. Using the same system, ABC Auto checks parts and labor costs to perform both services, compiles a quote, emails the customer and follows up with a phone call.

6. Bob approves both jobs with a strong recommendation from ABC auto that the repair are necessary and easier to take care of now during his current service appointment than later down the line.

See the difference? An oil change just turned into larger ticket because of a simple, underutilized and often overlooked tool: Digital Inspection Sheets.

-Josh Burwick, Director of Sales and Support, SHIFTMobility Inc.