January 29, 2016

Speed Matters

No matter what industry you participate in, be it automotive or anything else, speed of your products to the marketplace is paramount.  In the automotive aftermarket, it can take weeks or even months to get from the cataloging phase of your business to the point where your new products are finally available for sale to repair shops and installers.  This delay causes those all important sales to either be put off for at least a full quarter of business, or worse, go to a competitor.

Your challenges are many.  Product development, product management and catalog management all become factors in determining your market agility.  At SHIFTMobility, we understand these issues and have addressed them with a new solution: VroomBox.  This new service, combined with CarSpeck, allows you as a part manufacturer to control your market destiny. 

With our unique unified standards database, you can insure that your data is ACES compliant using a comprehensive framework designed by the SHIFTMobility team.  You can view standards schemas, entity-relationship graphs and E-R models to research and build new vehicle applications, as well as set up your private network for distribution of your catalogs to your selected distributors.  Yes, you read that right.  You control the publication and availability of your catalog to those that matter most, your customers.  Providing your data updates in real time to the supply chain. 

Your company has made a significant investment to transmit your data in the ACES and PIES standards, and now it is time to realize the benefits.  Imagine the impact of pushing your products to your customers on demand – anywhere, anytime, even from the palm of your hand.  Flexibility is the key and with the VroomBox application suite you can get your catalogs to market in minutes instead of days, weeks, or months!    This service is not only browser based, but comes with mobile applications for total device availability.  Your catalogs, both standard and mobile optimized, can be in the hands of your distributors and their end users within minutes. 

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