October 1, 2015

SHIFTMobility Offers All-In-One Platform – Parts & People

Cloud-based technology is grounded in market needs, introduces seamless communication from repairer to manufacturer

Foster City, Calif.—The emerging technologies of the connected car and the Internet are fundamentally changing the automotive industry. And though not yet fully realized in scope as change agents, they have pushed consumer and industry expectations for fast and efficient communication to its highest level in the aftermarket’s long history.

Identifying the demand, SHIFTMobility introduced ShopLite, the first all-in-one smartphone app of its kind designed to help shops meet the challenges of the future, said Arvind Jain, president and co-founder.

“ShopLite helps independent repair shops manage business activities, engage customers, market and sell services, and run more efficiently from a single, mobile platform,” said Elliott Schendel, director of marketing.

Designed to work on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, ShopLite functions the same across all devices.

“We’ve taken Microsoft and Google and combined the two onto one platform,” Jain said. “Our goal is to put all of the information needed into the hands of the technicians to help shops be more efficient than ever before. Through ShopLite, shop owners will have the analytics and information they need to engage their customers and produce at the highest level in the modern automotive landscape.”

ShopLite’s license plate and VIN scan feature gives shop own-ers the ability to create service estimates and ROs in seconds, which can be delegated to a technician in real time seamlessly, Schendel said. Through ShopLite’s CarCheck Mobile Inspection feature, shop’s can also send customers a digital inspection sheet, which advisors and technicians can attach photos and videos to, giving customers the ability to see exactly what is needed, or will be needed on their vehicle.

Jain added that specific car counts of manufacturer name-plates that a shop has serviced are automatically tracked and displayed, assisting shop owners in targeting customers with marketing materials, as well as making informed decisions about tools and equipment needed. Also, nameplates within a shop’s specified zip code, accurate down to within two blocks, can be accessed through ShopLite’s analytics feature, Jain said.

“The future of this industry is a very close relationship between the independent repair shop and its customers,” he said. “Real time service updates, photographs and videos of needed repairs sent to customers throughout the day, digital inspection sheets, recommended service intervals, notices of recommended maintenance — this is the new age of connectivity. Consumers are already sold on maintaining their vehicles, now they want to see the information, not just be told something is true. The more transparent you are with your customers, the better served they will feel.”

ShopLite is also helping owners increase production and customers’ satisfaction with faster diagnostics, giving them access to its extensive library of more than 20,000 compiled automotive terms and an OEM library with information covering more than 30 different car manufacturers, Jain said.

The software allows faster parts procurement, too, by giving shops a searchable network of local OE and aftermarket distributors inventories on one ordering system. And by providing shop owners with data analytics to engage their customers, streamline bookkeeping and P&L accounting, ShopLite helps owners spot inefficiencies in their shop and correct them before it impacts their bottom line, Jain said.

SHIFTMobility improves channel partner communication

SHIFTMobility’s SupplierPro application, for distributors, and VroomBox application for manufacturers, are designed to help improve channel partner communication through access of information on a united platform.

“Currently, manufacturers have trouble introducing new parts into the market because there are very few options in the  mobile commerce channel to notify suppliers as they become available,” Jain said. “From the time a new product is completed, it’s a one- to six-month effort to get it to market. With SHIFTMobility, each segment of the market has the ability to harness the power of the software to communicate with their customers almost instantly.”

SupplierPro and Vroombox have the ability to connect manufacturers with suppliers in a mere 60 seconds, Jain said, not just for hard parts, but for information and standards.

“We’re trying to solve the information challenges between the three tiers of the market by uniting them on one platform. Times have changed, and this industry must become more connected.”

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