August 2, 2018

The Bitcoin World Never Sleeps

A friend of mine had come over to learn more about blockchains and the investment opportunities provided by bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Frankly, I had not paid attention to the markets in a while so decided to take a fresh look using software code and techniques I had developed in 1992-95 to analyze market sentiment. I gathered the historic data from Yahoo (it’s free). I also reviewed data from the Robinhood app and was fascinated to witness the volatility of $85 in less than an hour – it’s no wonder the crypto world never sleeps!

Cryptoeconomics is not a parallel universe. However, we do need to define the lay of the land and the constraints of the economic model. For example, to access the overall health of the automotive economy we require more than simply the data on payments between parties. We need reconciled data from banks, sales information from manufacturers, inventories, actual orders, labor hours, income, and earnings.  The tokenization of verticals is the first step and would provide economists with the data necessary to formulate more accurate fiscal and monetary policies in the future.

So, where is the market currently headed? Is there a prediction model? Hindsight is always 20/20, but we can build upon those certain models that demonstrate a minimum 85% accuracy and tokenize it on blockchains.

Arvind Jain

CTO and Founder, SHIFTMobility

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